The Blend Inn is accommodation that combines a small, three-story,
concrete lodging with a “Tiny House” outside.

The Blend Inn consists of 7 rooms,
both private and dormitory-style,
with an open shared kitchen and a small cultural space
called “ParadaSan” attached.

In the morning, you could,
for example, enjoy some freshly baked bread
and a cup of cafe latte in the lounge space,
or listen to tape music played on a cassette deck
in the “ParadaSan” space outside.
You could enjoy a relaxing day shopping in the city,
preparing meals in the shared kitchen,
or having drinks in the lounge or on the rooftop.

The Blend Inn aims to establish a new scene
that provides small but useful ideas
along with relaxing, strange, and beautiful moments.

With the “Small Lodge” designed by Yo Shimada of Tato Architects
and the “Tiny House” by dot architects,
we aim to create a place,
in an old downtown area named Baika in Osaka,
that blends various talents and individualities.